Hi, 1967.  We’re looking at you.



Keep. Fighting. For. Civil. Rights.

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Mississippi Republicans were asked whether interracial marriage should be legal. In 2011.


 I’d like to be all “Is this the Real life?” but even in Portland—where we’re supposed to be all liberal and cool with whatever—there’s that lingering sense that equality is okay…until it makes me uncomfortable.  A friend of mine who’s from the Caribbean and her husband, who’s Italian, have had racial slurs spray painted across the side of their house more than once.  When my best friend and her husband got married a year and a half ago, his mom actually pulled him aside and said, “You do know she’s black, right?”  As if he hadn’t noticed in the year and half they’d been dating.  Even my youngest cousins, who have their “white family” and their “Mexican or Honduran family” (respectively), often encounter that not white enough but not latino enough bias.  It’s no wonder the older of the two chooses to “pass” as white while the younger emerses himself in Mexican culture and language.